Strategic Fleet Combat Operations

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NOTE: Rules are subject to change at any time up until the tournament begins. Check here for any updates/changes.

General Rules:

  • Single stage, double elimination tournament
  • Each player can only register/compete for one Organization
  • Org team can substitute players between matches, so long as they are from the same Org
  • Rules and format are subject to change. Speak to an official for the latest rule changes
  • Final authority on all rules, including anti-collusion rules, falls on the tournament staff. Their word is law
  • Fleet commanders must be designated prior to the tournament. One vice-commander can be selected in case of emergency
  • Full fleet makeup plus crew positions must be submitted prior to each match

Collusion Rules

  • Teams are allowed to practice against each other if they wish
  • Each team must only be working towards their own victory, not the victory of another team (no collusion!)
  • No setting of "house" or "gentleman's" rules during the tournament, this will be considered collusion.
  • Shared leadership, theorycrafting, planning or logistics between teams is NOT allowed.
  • Making deals to split prizes if either team wins is NOT allowed

Match Rules:

  • Matches will last a maximum of 15 minutes
  • In the case of a draw...
  • Any crew crashes or disconnects once a match begins while unfortuante, will be considered a character death. If the player is a pilot, if another pilot cannot take the helm, the ship is considered destroyed.
  • Travelling more than 50 km from the center of the arena leads to disqualification of that ship
  • If you are destroyed, you may not return to the battle arena. Returning will lead to disqualification of your team


  • Each destroyed ship scores the amount of points equal to it's cost
  • Flagships bestow an additional 10 points when destroyed
  • If all ships are destroyed, the remaining team wins
  • If the time limit is reached, the team with the highest score wins

Fleet Information

NOTE: Ship point values are subject to change at any time up until the tournament begins. Check here for any updates/changes.

Fleet Setup

  • Maximum ship points per fleet: 100
  • Maximum ships per fleet: 8
  • Maximum crew per fleet: 20
  • One ship shall be designated the Flagship, special rules apply


  • The Fleet Commander must be aboard the flagship
  • Flagships are worth a bonus 10 points if destroyed

Ship Points

The following table can be used to find point values for all ships. Note, crew includes an optional engineer where possible.